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It’s time for Friendship day quotes |friends quotes to be uploaded, just like friendship day sms, friendship day images, messages which we had already provided in your website niggazinfo. Friendship day is a big day comprises of many memories which a person living across the world share with the help of these friendship day quotes, messages, images, scraps, galleries and many different things which various website upload. And just like those website we also upload all these wishing stuff which helps them to share their feelings among their friends who live locally with them and to those who are connected to them through different types of social networking sites like Hike, Facebook and many others.

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 Friendship day quotes| friends quotes

  • Friendship day short quotes: Once we were best friends now it looks like we are strangers with memories.

  •  friendship day defining quotes: If we define a friend then the best line will come in our mind is “A friend is someone who gives you complete freedom to be yourself”.

  • Friendship day touching quotes:If you say a single rose can become my garden… then you must also say that a single friend, is my world.

  • Friendship day lovable quotes:A friend is a person who lives with us after knowing all about us whether it is bad or good but he/she still loves you.

  •  Friendship day best quotesA Nice friendship which we make here is just like that breathing air, which we can never see through our naked eyes but we will always feel its presence.

  • Friendship day brief quotes: You want to know when a Friendship between two people is born then I want to tell you that a “friendship takes birth at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? And i thought that i was the only one suffering or doing this.

  • Friendship day talked quotes:When we think about our friends then the best lines comes in our mind is that a friend is someone who know about our past, which believes you in future, and accept you as the way you are today.

  • Friendship day best friends quotes: If you want to be a best friend then we would like to tell you that “To be a best friend does not take much, an ear, a shoulder, little bit of understanding, and not even have to say a single word to make you laugh or smile.

  • Friendship day relation quotes: You can make fool of everyone else in this bi world but “ our family and our friends are those who can see the truth and pain in you clearly.

  • Friendship day ego types quotes:Friends I don’t want those friends who nod when I nod, who changes when sometime I change; my shadow does that much better.

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