{Bengali} Friendship day messages in Bengali

{Bengali} Friendship day messages in Bengali

friendship day messages in Bengali: After friendship day poems and friendship day greetings cards, now it’s time to provide you friendship day messages in Bengali for our friends who can spoke Bengali and want to wish their friends around the world in this language only. Friendship day messages in Bengali consist of various types of messages which will definitely make this and upcoming friendship day mesmerizing or you can say more amazing than all those previous ones which you had enjoyed. As you all know that Bengali is a very beautiful language and many people across the world mainly in India spoke it and like sharing their heart feeling among their friends in this language only.

So, after all those different  series in previous articles, our team of friendship day decided to provide all the amazing messages, quotes and many things in all the languages in order to make their this and all the friendship day more fascinating. Moreover, we would like you to go through these fabulous article “{top}{Best} friendship day messages in Hindi” which consist of fabulous messages series. Sms of this fantastic language will help you to wish your beloved ones as the best ever done by anyone.

Bengali Friendship Day Messages

{Bengali} Friendship day messages in Bengali

Friendship day messages in Bengali comprises of those types of messages series which will change your friends face I mean these are the messages which will surely turn your friends from angry to exultant. So, copy all these friendship day messages in Bengali and sent it to your beloved ones living locally and also to those who are connected with you via various social networking sites Facebook, hike, whatsapp and many others who provide these types of services to people. Moreover for more wishing stuffs you can go through these interesting article “How to make friendship day greetings cards at home” which comprises of all the simple and fascinating technique which will help you while making friendship day greetings cards for your friends. Friendship day messages in Bengali or you can say Bengali friendship day messages will surely touch the heart of your beloved ones because we had collected all these friendship day messages in Bengali in that way which will definitely embellish your friendship day 2016 and also those friendship days which will come in future. So, at last of these article we will recommend you to copy all the friendship day messages in Bengali uploaded below so that you can give it to your beloved ones all around the world.

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{Bengali} friendship day messages in Bengali

Friendship day Message in Bengali for best buddy

Boiche jhor baire tao mon keno santo,
tahole ki laglo go ei mone bosonto,
khujhechi jare chiro din,
seo ki amay khujte khujte klanto,
jawab nei tao mon keno santo
Happy Friendship Day

Friendship day Bengali messages for lovely friends

Sopno’ holo chokher sathi.
Nil jonaki rater bati.
Mon holo ek mayabi pakhi.
R Bondhu holo suk- dukher sathi
Happy Friendship Day

Friendship day messages for childhood friends

FRND mane Lukochuri,
FRND mane Rag.
FRND mane khelar chole,
Bhalobasar Dag.
FRND mane sopnekebol misti ekta Prem,
FRND mane sriti ghera chotto ekta Frame.

Friendship day sms in bengali

Hariye ge6e onek ki6ui sokal thke rat,
Hariye ge6e pasapasi akre dhora haat,
Hariye ge6e prothom preme tukro hoye mon,
Cholte cholte hariye ge6e bondhu kotojon!

friendship day latest messages in bengali

Bristi veja amar akas,
Monta tai vishon udas,
Udas megher sathe misti kadon,
Dui noyone ojhor srabon,Ami achi jemon temon.Bandhu tumi acho kemon?

friendship day messages in english

To hear what is unspoken,
to see what is invisible,
to feel without even touching..
is the miracle called “friendship”

                                     Happy Frendship Day Messages in Bengali 

Stay tuned with us for more these types of friendship day messages in different languages like English, Hindi, Marathi, mandarin and many others.
This post solely belongs to my Bengali friends. Have a great happy friendship day really. many a time user ask for their local language friendship day messages and really there are less local language available in google. People have no interest in providing different language friendship day messages. 

The thing is India has two languages in real. Hindi And English. So we are well focused only in providing happy friendship day wishes in only these two languages. But Seriously there are some area in India where People don't even understand Hindi. for them their local language is only what they get it. Because they use it everyday. They speak and communicated in Bengali in this case. For them we have created beautiful Bengali Friendship day messages list. There are many old messages as well. 

we will be updating this article and provide you people with latest collection of happy friendship day messages, sms in Bengali language. Bengali people can book mark this webpage for future use. This year friendship day will be celebrated with other Indian languages as well. We will try to focus on other languages as well. let's see how much can we fetch at this time. Because time is less and we can't provide all Indian languages friendship day messages. But we will try our best.


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