Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy 

Our fellow users we know that privacy online is important to you. And we're here to talk about the same subject. Please keep reading and know what is important. And why do we do this? We collect your information but not in a wrong way. Our duty is to provide you best information and update you time to time. To speed up your system from which you are visiting our web site, we store cookies in order to make your search experience better.

This Privacy Policy Page explains the way our site and that is the one you are currently active on collects and maintain your information. We are talking about each users of the site

This privacy policy page is applied to all products and services we offer in the website. Please read thoroughly and comment below in case you have any query regarding the same subject.The very first thing is Personally Identifiable Information.

Personally Identifiable Information

Dear users this is to notify you that our website may collect personal identification information from you. And this happen when you visit in our website. There's nothing to worry about. The information we collect is for your better search experience. We always try to maintain your information and provide the best we can. We collect the information when you subscribe to our newsletter and commit any activities on our website. Sometime you may be asked to enter your identity like user name, name, email address. The thing you will be asked at the time of commenting and submitting any query. You can refuse to submit your information if you want. But as said above, this is only for your best user experience. You can co-operate us.

Non-personal Identification Information

users should also note down that sometime our team may collection Non-personal Identification Information about yourself. Whenever you get into our website we may collection Non-personal Identification Information that includes your browser name, the system you are currently using while visiting our website. And the operating system you are using while surfing our website. The information is only to make better user and search experience. Other than this, We may even collect information regarding your ISP. our system may track what Internet service provider you are using.

Web Browser Cookies

The website is always trying to make your user experience best as we can. For this, we may collect cookies information. our website will use cookies to make your surfing fast. This will save your time as well as Internet bandwidth. your web browser places cookies in your computer or whichever system you are using. Just look for the same in the hard drive. you can choose to refuse cookies. You can change your setting from your side. But just to remind you, cookies are best that saves your time. But in the end it is your choice.

You know we collect user information But interesting in knowing how do we use these Collected Information?

We proudly announce that our website. collects above said information for various purpose. We collect your personal information for following purposes.
First thing , to improve your experience. This matter a lot.
We improve our website setting and information that we provide you by knowing you. Your information and the information you give us by commenting tell us how to make this website even more better. Your feedback is important to us.
We continuously work harder to improve your experience so we may collect information to imporve the services.

How do We Protect Your Information?

Your information is protected and it is kept safely to our system. We don't allow threads or bad activity in our website and this is one of the reason we collect every information from our website in order to know who is active for what purpose. You should also note that we take care of your information and it will be kept safely within our system. Be sure of not to get worry.
Our website is fully prepared to track bad users and threads. The site is powered by security. The security is well maintained. User information is never leaked out. And it won't ever.  We take care of this every day.  Our website is compliance with PCI vulnerability standards. That means we strive harder to create as secure of an environment as possible for Users.

Sharing Your Personal Information

Not at all. Explained in one line. Our team and this website would never sell , trade or rent your information. We are serious in the business and so we are right now. We will never share information that we collected from you.

Compliance with Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

We understand the privacy and we really care about children. This website is designed for some purposes and everyone has the rights to use it. Because it is for you all. But here, we don't collect information of children. So we don't attract users under age 13. And we have no intention in collecting there information as well.

Google Adsense

We will server Google Adsense ads by the Google. Which is completely safe. But you need to know that google use DART cookies which enable it to serve ads related to what you are searching currently. And you should know that DART cookies only use Non-personal Identification Information. And it won't track your information or personal information. If you want to know more or have any problem visit :

Changes To This Privacy Policy

We will keep changing the privacy policy page and when we don't we inform you at the same time. We inform you that we have the rights to update this privacy policy page at any time. We will just request you to keep checking out this web page. We mean to say this privacy policy page and know what is going on. Anyway, Notification will be given to you on the main page.

Your Acceptance Of These Terms

By using our website You agree to meet our privacy policy agreement. you can comment below if you have any query. We thank you for visiting our website. The changes will not be made as for now. We make changes when it will be very necessary. And we will update you on the same on the main home page of this website.


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